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Krytac / KWA Kriss Vector Comparison

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  • Krytac / KWA Kriss Vector Comparison

    This isn't going to be a 'propper' review... more of a comparison between the two. There are umpteen reviews out there on this now, but not many comparisons that ive seen.
    Ive shared this on the Vector facebook group, but for those that arent on there...

    The Krytac is really nice. Feels a bit lighter but not by alot... also id imagine mainly due to the weight of the KWA mags. These Krytac ones feel a bit too light and plastic-esk in comparison.
    You will notice from the pics... pretty much exactly the same size as u'd expect and being gen 1 and gen 2 guns... they are gna have slight differences.

    One difference i'm not a fan of is the trigger of the Krytac. Feels like you have to pull it back too far for a response, which makes single taps a little... awkward. Not bad by any means... just prefer the KWA in comparison

    Also, the set up i have on my KWA can be completely swapped over onto the Krytac (without the need for 16-14mm thread adapter)
    One super duper plus though, the front side rails from the Krytac, fit the KWA perfectly!
    This should mean the new laylax keymod Handguards should fit the KWA ones as well - which is a HUGE plus for those that plan on sticking to the KWA only.

    Otherwise not much else to be said that hasnt been said on other reviews. Like them both.. Prefer the KWA...but i do have a soft spot for that GBBeauty


    This is a Krytac Rail on a KWA

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    Re: Krytac / KWA Kriss Vector Comparison

    Thank you Jasont21 for your work and effort in bringing the review, as well as your honest comparison between the two models. Both models look amazing (and I'm sure you're the proud owner of both of them lol), however at least it has given me a clearer picture of where to put my pounds in the future. Again great work!


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      Re: Krytac / KWA Kriss Vector Comparison

      Ill tell you if im a proud owner of both when i get to take the Krytec out for a propper skirmish! ha


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        Re: Krytac / KWA Kriss Vector Comparison

        Quick update.

        The krytac stock also fits the kwa gun and after a chat with numonster, they will be doing an m4 stock adapter that fits them both


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          really nice comparison between the 2, having owned the gbb a while ago was so excited to get my hands on one and when I did I thought I'd got the gbb version again, the aeg is rock solid and a great piece of kit, it does fit 9.9v 750mah stick type batteries in the handle which gives it a silly rof easy over 1000rpm. I couldn't help notice your last picture of the aeg version with the rail, by the looks of it the screws haven't gone in properly resulting is a wobbly rail. This has happened to my vector
          and as a result I've had to send the lower shell back to the retailer and have custom work to remove the rail (the
          screws that krytac use are hardened tungsten steel and are a right pain to drill out) so a warning to all owners don't over tighten the screws


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            The last image is actually a krytac rail on the kwa gun, half on - purely to test if they would fit