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Stephen Glennie is back!

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  • Stephen Glennie is back!

    I know this isn't necessarily what this section is for but I check this page in order to minimise the risk of being scammed, so I am sure other likely do the same.

    The older forum users will remember a Stephen glennie who scammed quite a few forum users out of cash and guns on the classified section of this forum last year this was in addition to defrauding help for heroes out of over 5000!

    I've seen a concerning post online on one of the fb pages that suggests he is at it again and actively scamming people.

    Be aware he may approach you to trade or attempt to sell you guns and kit he has no intention of sending you.

    He used other PayPal accounts of his 'friend's as his got blocked.

    He is based in N.I so be wary guys he is back at it again.

    Admins move or delete this post as you feel appropriate but I felt the word should be out so people can hopefully avoid being scammed.

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    I tried to like this post but for some reason it disliked it. Thanks for the heads up mate


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      He is back im the guy that he has just ripped off for 250.00.


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        Sorry to hear that Andy.

        Can I ask what happened?

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            More evidence above using aliases