The MEU ( Marine Expeditionary Unit) 1911 is the Springfield Armoury modified 1911 used by the United States Marine Corps Force Recon and MARSOC ( Marine Socom) . Many of the pistols date back to even the 50's but are updated regularly .

The WE / Socom Gear version is available for 130 - 140 from most stockists .
The gun is constructed almost completely of metal ( exceptions being the grip and some small plastic parts )
The trades on the gun are both realistic and tasteful including the USMC emblem on the slide and on the grips .
The guns features are -

Pachmayr style combat grips
Competion Sights
Ambidextrous safety
Skeleton hammer and trigger
Railed frame
Chrome magazine
beaver tail safety

The works smoothly with no instantly obvious design faults . The recoil spring seems slightly weak and there is not much noise created when the lide is racked . The gun will fire .25g bb's out to 40-45 m with a 75% chance of hitting a man sized target . The fps on green gas on average is 320 fps and on abbey predator 305 fps (with .20g) . On mine after 100 bb's being fired through it the barrel fell of due to not enough glue (?) being put on during manafactuering but this is not a common problem .

The magazine holds 15 bb's and and holds enough gas to fire off 25 bb's in a 12 degrees enviroment , users will find trouble using the gun in temperatures under 4 degrees ( this is an estimate as i have not worn it in yet )
Anybody wanting the upmost realisticness may not want this as on the real MEU the frame isn't railed . I have had some small problems with the magazine release screw coming loose but this is easily fixed .
Overall I would rate this gun 7/10 .
Thanks for reading .

( size comparison against glock 17)