Cartel Wars


After years of Inter Cartel wars, only 2 remain the D Armani Cartel and Navaras Cartel, holding most of Northern Mexico in there control, a small area outside Santa Elena has become a flash point following the invention of a new psychedelic wonder drug called Haribo. The creation by an old hippy Scientist Miguel Patcheeto, the drug is bright in colour and easily smuggled due to its sugar like quality.

Following an explosion at his Lab, Miguel, the drug and the Recipe's whereabouts are unknown, although there are said to be stash's spread far and wide.

Wanting to ensure they are the main supplier of this new drug, both Cartels have entered the area to find Miguel, his drugs or his secret recipe. And then execute him to ensure no one else can produce Haribo for themselves.

After recieving Intel from local sources the DEA has dispatched a small crack squad to investigate this new wonder Drug, Capture and detain Miguel along with the Cartel Leaders and Under bosses, handing them to local authorities for them to be held accountable for there crimes.


Both Cartels will be designated by Red and Blue colours, ideally a mix of civilian and military dress. NO MULTICAM.


Multicam/PSD loadouts, DEA Armbands worn at all times.

AMMO Limits etc

There will be no loose rounds held by either side, this includes speed loaders, there is no limit to amount of mags that can be carried, however a limit of 4 pyro per player at any one time (only exception is Cartel Bosses on Pyro)

All reloads must take place at Cartel HQ, or DEA Infil points (NOT IN THE SAFE ZONE)

HQs are able to be assaulted and if taken, reloads will be stopped for a 30 min period.

Box mags are only allowed on Support Weapons. Reloads as above, unless you have more than one mag!!!

Medic Rules

Designated Medics on both sides will have a limited amount of Bandages. Only medics can medic a medic! There will be a limit of 1 medic per squad of up to 7 players.

There will be a 3 min bleed out time and a designated regen area for all sides away from HQs and Infil points.

Capture Rules

All Sides will have targets of opportunity, these targets will be worth a points value, as will Coke stashs, Local Currency and US Dollars and of course Haribo.

When a Cartel Leader or underboss is captured they will be handcuffed, and escorted to a holding area where they will also be bagged! (Pillow case over head)

These will be held for a period of time until rescued, or in the case of a Cartel has captured one ransomed back for Haribo, Coke etc.


Side missions will be available throughout the weekend, these can be bought (To be announced on the Saturday of the game Ha Ha Ha)

Game times


09:30 Safety Brief
10:00 All Sides are in position at there HQs and briefed by there leaders etc.
10:15ish Game on announced by explosion of Miguels Lab
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Restart from HQs
16:30 Tea
17:15 Evening game
19:30 (pending Light) Endex, tents set up, beer, laughs and all things chatting


09:00 Camp site cleared including all rubbish removed
09:30 Safety Brief
10:00 Start from HQs
12:00 Lunch
13:15 Restart
15:30 Endex

Weekend Price

Non Member 50
Members. 45

As a stipulation from the land owner, there will be a fee of 5 per tent for overnight stay.


Single Day Price

Member & Non Member 25


Food will be available all weekend from All Wrapped Up Catering (menu to follow)

D Armani Cartel

1.D Armani
2.Don Cutie Dobson
4.Daniel De Bird man
5.Mr Machine gun Flavell
6.The Giant
8."Seor Sigiloso Hijo de Puta" (Geordie)

Navaras Cartel

1.Ezequiel Eduardo de Jesus Navaras


1-8 Fully Booked

Latest intel......

Recent surveillance has confirmed that Ezequiel Eduardo de Jesus Navaras has now come out of hiding and is overseeing the running of the Navaras Cartel himself. The DEA suspect a major move from Navaras both in terms of becoming the most powereful drug cartel and avenging the death of his adoptive father at the hands of the D Armani Family.

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