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    Default Stirling Airsoft 2016 Events list

    All of us at Stirling Airsoft hope you had a great Christmas and New Year celebration and are now very excited to get out 2016 calendar underway.

    Extra events do get added so check back to see for updates or look at for further details.

    Please also note that although we have dates here for MOD sites they can change because of operational requirements with the real boys and girls in green, any alterations will be posted here, on our website and also in the event topics.

    Looking forward to seeing you all over the year!

    Stirling Airsoft 2016 event list (these are all weekend events, with arrivals on Friday night or by 9am Saturday morning unless otherwise stated)

    30/01/2016 - Combat Mission, The Valley OP CASPIAN
    27/02/2016 UCAP, The Sandpit OP YORKTOWN
    12/03/2016 Themed Game, Catterick OP SIREN
    14/04/2016 Combat Mission, The Valley (4 Day Combat Mission) OP TRAFALGAR
    30/04/2016 Role play/themed Game, STANTA OP BROADSWORD
    14/05/2016 - Battelfield Training Weekend
    28/05/2016 - Stirling Airsoft Selection, The Valley
    18/06/2016 Themed Game, Catterick OP RIDGEWAY
    25/06/2016 - Combat Mission, Spain
    30/07/2016 Combat Mission, The Valley OP RED KITE
    13/08/2016 - Themed Game, Copehill Down Village OP CRUCIBLE
    10/09/2016 - Urban training weekend, Catterick OP DAVENPORT
    15/10/2016 - Themed game, Catterick OP VANQUISH
    22/10/2016 - Combat Mission, Spain
    12/11/2016 Combat Mission, The Valley OP FORTITUDE
    03/12/2016 England v Scotland 2016 (Catterick Urban Ops)

    If you have any questions then leave them below and we'll get back to you, see you there!

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    Default Re: Stirling Airsoft 2016 Events list

    Op siren was awesome thanks guys!

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