turkish gunman attack
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Thread: turkish gunman attack

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    Default turkish gunman attack

    he fired at least 180 rounds from an ak inside a packed nightclub, how many times did he reload? do you think you would be brave enough to try and stop him or just try and run away or hide like everyone else in there.

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    Maybe some did attempt to rush the guy sparrowhawk, but to be fair, in a packed darkened environment, where you have to take into account that most of the people there present were young, and not necessarily either police, or military trained to cope with a sudden situation like this, most people will when seeing others flee, simply follow them, also the sound of the gunfire and the confusion.
    Even if he changed magazines six times, was he firing on single or auto ?, really doesn't make much difference, some people aren't really prepped or trained to deal with that sort of high stress sudden situation. I can understand your thoughts on this, I know it sounds condescending, but I would like to think that I would, if the opportunity rose, would chose to tackled the gunman, however, I honestly do believe you need to be there at the time, to judge the action of others.

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    Default Re: turkish gunman attack

    Some reports indicate there were possibly 3 shooters, which would make storming them considerably harder.
    For all we know, some of the dead/wounded may have attempted this ?.

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