Hey, enlighten an old man, recently dug out mw2 on ps3, don't play much but an injury meant I've had time to kill.
Anyway, always used to play hardcore mode but I think Sony? have got rid of some of the servers on older games, so been forced to play standard tdm, & became aware of a few players who initially seemed phenomally good, literally 53 kills/2 deaths type scores, which at first I thought was impressive.
But today I started watching the killcam footage, & was pissed to see that even when I had all the sneaky beaky settings/perks turned on, said "great" players, 3 in particular (who never play on the same games, prob relevant), were able to target me even without seeing me, pretty much run up to a building etc, & fire through walls precisely where I am, no radar/heartbeat sensors etc.
How is this ?, as its pissing me off almost as much as cheats in airsoft.
& what can be done about it ?
Cheers in advance