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Thread: Cheats on COD/MW2 on PS3

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    Hey, enlighten an old man, recently dug out mw2 on ps3, don't play much but an injury meant I've had time to kill.
    Anyway, always used to play hardcore mode but I think Sony? have got rid of some of the servers on older games, so been forced to play standard tdm, & became aware of a few players who initially seemed phenomally good, literally 53 kills/2 deaths type scores, which at first I thought was impressive.
    But today I started watching the killcam footage, & was pissed to see that even when I had all the sneaky beaky settings/perks turned on, said "great" players, 3 in particular (who never play on the same games, prob relevant), were able to target me even without seeing me, pretty much run up to a building etc, & fire through walls precisely where I am, no radar/heartbeat sensors etc.
    How is this ?, as its pissing me off almost as much as cheats in airsoft.
    & what can be done about it ?
    Cheers in advance

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    This game, among many other call of duty's titles has many cheaters. The developers no longer have interest in supporting the game and so people have had many years to crack its code and develop cheats for it. As for only playing TDM i believe the servers are player side on ps3 so a player's them selfs host and so there are only a few people remaining and still actively playing it mainly due to new generation of console newer titles etc. My advice would be to try PC call of duty's, cant speak for all of them but i know World at War there are several PC severs there are still very active and have the additions of being hosted by actual server computers not a player and active admins that ban anyone that use cheats. Hope that helped

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