Quite possibly my best personal moment to date. After turning up at my regular site (Urban Assault - RAF Upwood) which I've had many a fun day at, to find out there were 250+ bookings with an estimated 50 walk-ons, we knew this was going to be a mad ass skirmish. Luckily the site is big enough and very well run by all involved. The day was full of many incidents, from stealthy near pitch black engagements in the bunker to being pinned down for what seemed like a week by 20+ rifles after an heroic, yet instantly regrettable sprinting advance. Some periods of 10+ kills a minute, some periods of getting contantly hit by a tastey sniper after being barely back in the game. Very varied and fun.

Anyhow down to the kills. We were into the afternoon games and we're playing a quick fire 25 minute defend and hold/attack and capture scenario with the objective being one of the massive buildings on site.

Firstly we defended. That calm, anxious wait as everyone sets up, all 150 of us. Rumblings, team chat, klinking and then silence. Our small fireteam of 4 set up in a long room with a large window, a main entrance and a small entrance to the corridor. I lay sighted up on the main entrance and waited........the faint tap of BB's started and then all fucking hell broke loose, I mean this felt like we were being attacked by zulus. Plenty of kills came our way with each member scoring 10+ kills only to be stopped in our tracks by about a 15 man strong assault on our position and 100 BB's to the face. Totally awesome, totally asked for it. As a defender we had one life. Time to wait our turn and have a ciggy.

Now came D-day. They had taken our compound in around 22 minutes. We had to beat this to win. All loaded up and feeling like Arnold schwarzenneger we started our steady jog to the compound. The rounds started flying and we got taken out relatively quickly. Being the attackers we ran to the respawn point and carried on like a wave of zombies. We finally gained entrance after climbing through a window and with some great shooting by one of my team mates we cleared a fire point and advanced. We hooked up with around 10 other players made up from 2 or 3 teams. This was skirmish airsoft as it should be. We systematically cleared one side of the building with all firepoints covered and everyone with a hairline trigger response only loosing about 4 men to there 20. Then we hit another well fortified position. A couple support gunners covering the long firepoints and cheeky little CQB specialists hiding in every advancing room. Seriously well set up, we had to up our game. At this point we find out we have around 5 minutes to clear the building to win (well marshalled may I say, the pressure was firmly set).

We decided to have a couple of minutes to go over our options. Great communication up and down the line, between players that had never met, concluded that we were up shit Creek. This is when I took the initiative and called my group and a small fire team to have a fast hop out of the window to flank, clear the first room and regroup. We did this with ease. Once there our position was made and we came under heavy fire but luckily the guys covering our arse responded fast and put some BB's on target providing efficient suppression making them retreat. We had no direct line if sight and the enemy was in a room over the hall, through two doors and around an L-shaped wall. With 3 grenades in my pocket I thought "this is it, this is why you didn't go for that magic 30ft top floor lob earlier" (which I had been regretting for about 2 hours)

I proceeded to have a quick peek to gauge the throw and check the walls for enemy shadows. I had them locked. All that stood between me and glory was an almost impossible toss that would make Mia Khalifa look like a Catholic school girl. I reached into my pocket, grabbed that grenade, removed the cap, nodded to my team mates as they knew exactly what I was thinking, struck that bad boy and, without looking using my memory of that quick peek, released that bad boy back handed through the first doorway.

As the first half second of flight was silent I knew I had made it though the second doorway. Quickly followed was a thud, shortly followed by another thud almost immediately followed by an echo of "what the......" tsssssh BOOOOOM. I had them.

To be fair all of the lads called the hit without a marshal nearby and flowed out of the room all asking who threw it. I gladly owned up and was immediately greeted by "well done's", "epic throw" and an ensemble of hand shakes. Unfortunately we didn't secure in time and the Op For won the round.

Absolutely amazing, these are the times I play airsoft for.

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