Using an ICS Transform I fitted a high torque motor and it all worked well until I tested a friends upper g/box where he'd jammed the piston,the result was a few teeth removed from the bevel gear.I sent it away and had systema flat gears fitted and they set it up using the motor.
I've used it for quite a while (5 months ) and the RoF over the std ICS motor is amazing,a few weeks ago during a game it stopped working and on investigation it had blown the fuse,I removed the fuse system altogether and yesterday it began to squeal as in motor drop,the motor height screw was still loctited but I adjusted it to fire again anyway,it repeated this and then after another loss of "drive" it just whirred.On strip out investigation the bevel gear has lost all of it's "ridges" and is almost smooth.There is no wear on the motor pinion.Where or what should I be looking at?