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  • Am I missing something

    Ok one of my aeg which is new about a month ago and done nothing with it as yet till now.
    My issue is the 5th or 6th bb won't fire or it is a misfire then if I try banging mag it fires till again say 5th or 6th bb don't come out and misfires
    so tonight after grabbing some new bits to try sorting this issue out it is still doing it, I have changed hop rubber it has no hop on totally off I have tried a bit of spray.
    I thought at fires it was mag but I have tried 6 others and all mags work in my other aeg fine no issues.
    so my question is what the he'll am I missing

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    Hi Chap ,
    Im not much of an AEG expert , so this only come from my own experiance with AEG's and nothing professional but ...

    To me , it sounds like your nozzle may not be cycling 100% of the time , ie the BB isnt entering the chamber fully and getting stuck -until to knock it free.

    If you haven't cracked it open yet , it might be something misaligned (tappet / nozzle )

    Just my 50p's worth !



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      Thanks Dan that's a good shout I will check that tonight and come back to you


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        is the mag you are using the one that came with the gun? depending on the make some guns will miss feed with certain brands or types of mags
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          If you have a high cap mag try winding it, it could just be that the BB's aren't being fed into the gun. Depending on what mag you have, it could have a wheel on the bottom, if so just wind it up a good few times.
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            Update to my issues I found that the nozzle had come off the plastic thing that pushes it back and forward. One of the forks had broken and hanging on just by a bit of plastic got new part and working fine so thank you all for your help but more to Dan for pointing out the nozzle.