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  • A&k PKM Hop-up

    Apologies, chances are this has been asked before, but I can't seem to use nor find the search function on my phone.

    Recently got the above, and so far love it. Just holding it makes me grin. Took her down to my local site for a test fire the other day and the grouping and shot consistency makes me moist.

    However, I feel like I could do with a bit more in terms of range, even if that means sacrificing a little accuracy (let's face it, it's a support gun, accuracy isn't mean to be their forté).

    I was testing using. 25g (my go-to weight) and my friend suggested .20g, A- l being a support gun and B- Increased range at the loss of accuracy (not that I agree entirely with that statement, but I'm open to be corrected).

    Now, I don't really want to go with .20g, never have liked it to be honest, so I'd rather upgrade the hop rubber.

    Google - fu only gives me upgraded hop units. I just wanted to know whether these guns use standard aeg rubbers and nubs, so I came to you lot for help.

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    I had an AKM but whilst it looked lovely it was a lemon to shoot.

    I invested in a CNC Bullhead hop unit and new rubber and it was very good after that. The stock hop set up is well worth replacing imho.
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