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General Advice Needed On Servicing My Guns (Theyve not been used in years)

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  • General Advice Needed On Servicing My Guns (Theyve not been used in years)

    Hey, so I've been meaning to get back into airsoft for years and I mean years, probably 5 or so now, I started long before then, remeber the good ol days before ppl got hurt about cheating and sites got rammed with hundreds of players on the weekendly basis? Anyway so I've kindve regretably been leaving all my gear and guns to rot, my LCT Akm64 and my ICS CXP Custom and my Hi Capa is probably half dead too but an AEG is all I need.

    So I've left it years since using them and im wondering what I can expect to have to replace on my guns to get them back to full working order, theyve been sat in my attic, which gets cold in winter so I imagine the hop rubbers are dead right? I know all my batteries will certainly be and im not even going to touch my Hi Capa or a fear it might explode in my hand lol which is a shame its heavily upgraded now and I never took it into battle before I left the sport.

    However im wondering if the seals on the pistons would be compromised I did used to use only silicone based grease as to avoid killing the rubber in my gun around this area and wether the spring may be dead from being compressed that long, does anyone have any experience with reviving old guns and what usually need replacing? I mean I presume they still shoot they did when I put them down just theyve been sat still forever and im a bit of an FPS weeny so if its not tickling the 1.3 Joul mark then il probably march round to the person who changed that law to restrict airsoft limits and shoot him myself (i bet there is people in the sport who cant even remeber getting shot by a 700fps sniper from 10 feet away), obviously I cant just test them as I have no working batteries and still being a uni age student im too broke to buy some lol

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