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Ukara need some advice!

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  • Ukara need some advice!

    I’m a registered player who has a membership and a ukara. Thinking of having a clear out and put one of my rifles up for sale on a forum.

    in my understanding you have to be a ukara holder and 18 to buy a gun, but I’ve had 2 people contact me and I’ve asked this question two a few people and they said you don’t need a ukara to sell to others and they don’t need one either only for shops they do?

    I have one lad 18 and has no ukara and knows his stuff about airsoft and sent me loads of pictures of him playing.

    someone else said they ukara has not long run out.

    now I haven’t sold anything to these people due to they haven’t got a ukara am I right in not selling my stuff or would it be ok because there clearly airsofters


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    The VCRA act says you, the seller, must verify they have defence to purchase, and be over 18.

    It doesn’t have to be UKARA, but whatever you accept is your responsibility, not theirs. If you get it wrong, you’re liable, not the buyer, for the potentially illegal sale.


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      There's grey area whether its for commercial only and not private

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        The law makes no distinction between private and commercial sales, it applies in either way.

        The airsoft defence is covered by the 2007 Regulation:

        (a)the organisation and holding of permitted activities for which public liability insurance is held in relation to liabilities to third parties arising from or in connection with the organisation and holding of those activities;

        (b)the purposes of display at a permitted event.

        “permitted activities” means the acting out of military or law enforcement scenarios for the purposes of recreation; and...

        But as rocketdogbert states, UKARA is not part of the actual law, it's just a system/database to make it easier to determine if someone plays at airsoft sites.


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          Have a look through their posting history, if there is enough there it's usually pretty obvious if they are a skirmisher or not.
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            Well someone wants to buy my ppsh but he said he’s ukara has ran out and I asked if he could get it renewed and he sent me the screen shot of the guy who runs the site saying I can’t renew it because he cancelled the insurance. He’s in a airsoft team and also sent me his face book and he clearly does airsoft so would this be a safe sell or will I get in trouble ?


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              You will only get in trouble if he does something stupid with the RIF and it turns out that you did not have a reasonable basis for believing that he was a regular player.

              If you have FB evidence and something from the site where he plays that would almost certainly be a good defence.

              Nobody has been prosecuted yet.


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                Any conviction would be judicial precedent as it hasn't happened yet

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