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Recommended site for a new rental player W.Mids

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  • Recommended site for a new rental player W.Mids

    Hi all.

    I’ve been thinking of having a go at Airsoft for a number of years now, finally getting round to the idea.

    Looking for Some recommendations for a near by site which would accommodate a rental player. Really looking for somewhere to have some fun and not take things too seriously.

    The sites that I have found and that interest me are ;

    High command / West Midlands air soft. Obviously a difference between QCB and woodland environment.

    There used to be be some games run over Hilton paintball (Skirmish Walsall) just off junction 11.
    But they were run separately to the paintball side of things so not sure if they are still going?

    Can anyone recommend anything local to the Walsall area at all?

    I will be renting until I decide otherwise.

    thanks guys!

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    Yeah, Hilton Park run by ** ******* I believe still runs the last Sunday of every month (obviously not taking into account the current COVID restrictions)


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      Kboy, thanks very much. Found they have a website so can get I touch for some further details. Thanks very much


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        Fireball is a good site and, it's been there for years. Friendly players and staff. It's got a lot more variety than hilton park.


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