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Returning Player - Small M4 Mag Compatible AEG Recommendations?

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  • Returning Player - Small M4 Mag Compatible AEG Recommendations?


    It's been a very very long time since I've been on here! I used to play most weekends for many years from around 2008 and was completely obsessed, but don't think I've played since about 2015 (I blame having kids!) so I'm now well out of touch with things.

    My nephew is about to turn 12, and wants to get into airsoft after trying paintballing recently - so a great excuse for me to start again. I'm after some recommendations for a small AEG for him which is compatible with M4 mags. I'm out of touch with which brands are decent these days. I'm after something for him that will be site safe out the box, decent enough, won't require tinkering with, but is reasonably priced. Something like a 'Stubby Killer' is what I have in mind. Recommendations welcomed!



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    Specna Arms are good and can be purchased in metal or polymer bodies. Also have a quick change spring system so you can replace for a higher/lower fps spring which are normally supplied so you get the choice.
    Anything that looks like an M4 will take your mags 95% of the time.
    Lots of different styles and sizes to suit all and good prices.
    Over 150 positive sales & trades on this and other forums!


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      Could take a look at Ares and their CCW type rifles? Take AR mags but are pretty light, folding stock etc.


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        From personal experience, I'd say go for anything along the lines of CYMA priced sub-150. I bought a cheap CYMA AR15 with some keymod for about 100 for NAE 2017, relatively tame gun that shoots approx 320 fps out of the box without any tinkering and it still goes strong today. It's fully plastic (other than the gearbox, and barrel) so it's extremely light. Ideal for a twelve year old to lug around all day without feeling fatigued.


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          Welcome back man! Specna arms are the go to reliable these days or the old combat machines are prob the best bet for starters these days.


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