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Need help, knee pads, do have a story behind this...

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  • Need help, knee pads, do have a story behind this...

    Soooo, something so trivial being the bane of my airsofting life!!! Knee pads!

    Generally never put much thought into what knee pads to get, i brought my first pair of ebay they were black and lovely, the plastic shell eventually fell off and i brought another set of a fellow player for a mere 15 and they served me well, until.... mid game i was taking fire and dropped to my knees, little did i know that a bb at some point during the day managed to edge its way between the plastic front and the padded back and when i dropped all my weight on it, it pressed right into my exposed knee. Now i know this was a thousands to one chance happening but i never ever ever wanna endure that again, to say it brought a tear to my eye would be a understatement. Since then i have tried several different knee pads and just dont have the same comfort as my old ones... so am open to suggestions :D

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    British Army surplus blackhawk ones can’t go wrong with them , top of the range manufacturer and build quality to equal as well . also would recommend crossing the straps behind your knee not straight across (as in bottom strap to top buckle and top strap to bottom buckle) much more comfortable and you’ll find they’ll slip down less .
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      Pro tip, thanks alot dude!


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