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  • Private messages problem

    Thanks for the new forum.

    Just tried send a private message and the message box would only allow me to type 1 character! Any more and it wouldn't send.


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    Yeah, strange setting with the new message system. That one should now be ok. There may be others but deal with it till I solve them


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      Can't for the life of me work out how to send a pm. Can't see any buttons on the threads, go to the user and still can't see anything.

      Read the thread on pm'ing but still can't see the buttons epwhen I do what it tells you. Checked my user setting and accept pm is turned on.

      The only thing that's works is for me to put up a visible reply on the sellers thread, then wait for them to pm me. Only then can I pm back.

      Help please.
      Over 150 positive sales & trades on this and other forums!


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        For some reason I have every message I have ever sent since 2010 in my sent items inbox! I'm impressed all that data was saved, for what reason though?
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