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    Is there any possibility we could revert back to the old setting where only OPs can reply to their sales topics? It gets a bit tiresome when people post on two year old sales posts with “iS tHiS sTiLl FoR sAlE?”

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    Yeah it's stupid, you'll see people bump multiple old threads for a Kriss Vector, just PM. It doesn't help when people don't close their own threads though.

    That said, I think it's good that others can post in a thread.


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      Or people advising the seller on the price. If you think it’s too expensive, then don’t buy it.
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        I have been looking into this, it used to be built into the forum admin settings "Can Reply To Other's Threads" was a setting you could just enable / disable on those forum sections. Now it's only got "Can Reply to Topics" which I'm pretty sure if I enabled no one would be able to add to their own treads.


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          If you can't reply to other peoples classifieds post then this is now enabled. If you can then

          Also, if you can't reply to your own thread to 'bump' the post (after the required time limit) then


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            I’ve just posted in the forum assistance thread regarding this; I thought there was an issue with my account or the forum.
            Can’t reply to any threads in classifieds.
            Just stumbled across this post looking for answers lol
            Glad to know it ain’t me cracking up and it’s meant to be doing it!



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              I don’t know if I’m just being dense or if I’ve missed something, but I’m not able to bump my wanted thread. It’s been a week since the last bump, so should be over the required time limit and it’s not been closed. I’ve checked one of my earlier wanted threads and that’s the same, can’t leave a reply and that one is a few weeks old. Sorry if it’s just me being stupid
              The only stupid question is one that was never asked.


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                Appears it was as my last comment, have changed the settings again so hopefully all good now


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                  Yeah, seems to be fixed now, thanks.
                  The only stupid question is one that was never asked.


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                    Please remember though, the classifieds section is NOT a place for discussion, any inquiries about a post should be made via Private Message.


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