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  • Best Western era Revolver

    Hello fellow Airsofters,

    I'm looking at putting together a Western cowboy loadout and although my choice on rifle is slim (basicaly just going to save up for a KTW Winchester) there are a couple of different SAA revolvers on the market, question is which one should i get for skirmishing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best Western era Revolver

    Tanaka, nothing else is up to the job.

    Rare, expensive, worth every penny
    Da Posh Boi, innit


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      Re: Best Western era Revolver

      Tanaka would be my choice. There is the co2 saa, and now a Schofield no3. Marushin saa x cartridge and hws new model army.


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        Your very right paul tanaka saa pistols are king i have a 7.5 inch cavalry saa in silver absolutely amazing piece and i use an a&k winchester mk2 with it that is a nice piece of kit too im getting a hateful eight loadout together (samuel jackson outfit ).