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So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

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    Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

    Well, my TRMR arrived today within 18 hours of ordering (unlike from the money-for-nothing hustlers at SWAT), and the message I'm getting is: throw it, then go and pick it up, even at the cost of being pew-pewed.

    My parents are still alive and I have a hooky knee and knuckles like butter, so I'd be awful at inflicting Bat Justice.

    FWIW, I agree with OP that the forces of Lauren Order would likely dismiss the theft of airsoft gear as something to be discussed with an insurer or site owner.

    On that, if you get something nicked, tell the site owner. If they don't know, they can't do anything about it. If they do know, it creates a duty of care on them to do something about it, even if it's just to announce it. Which sucks for them, but that's the nature of taking money in return for services. A conspiracy of silence helps nobody except thieves.


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      Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

      Just be careful WHERE you throw them.

      If you have to post them through a hole or a window or to an area you cannot easily get to then don't throw it.

      Hmm... I think I just thought of a solution. A double tap grenade. It goes off once. If somebody picks it up then it goes off again. :D


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        Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

        Mate I would just like to point out that in no way was I playing any little games.
        And indeed if I were the victim of a thief I would be rather ticked off. However I would not broadcast my retribution on an open forum! I maintain that sort of behaviour is unwelcome and something that the community and sport doesn't need.
        Thieves are scum, I agree, they are also something wholly unwelcome but let the powers that be deal with them and save yourself the possible charges.
        I would never stoop so low as to resort to name calling nor do I think you are an idiot merely due to anger coming across as one. I apologise if this caused offence.
        Finally I don't think the aim of airsoft is to glorify war or inflict pain, I certainly have never played for those reasons, and yes I do believe it is all of our responsibilities to ensure younger airsofters carry on the promotion of trust and honesty within the sport rather than violence.
        Just my opinion.

        Cheers, Lee


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          Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

          Bravo lee, good post that I tried to "like", but the current forum incarnation wouldn't let me, wtf s that about.
          I too am not a thug, but agree it would very hard not to dish out a slap if confronted with said thief, but yep the "I bought it in good faith" excuse is almost guaranteed to be rolled out if another player was confronted.
          To that end, I had a similar experience, many years ago my m/cycle broke down, I was on my way to a "hot" date, so in my eagerness I dumped the bike, securing the helmet via the crappy helmet lock on the bike, &headed off to meet her.
          Upon my return the next morning the bikes fine but my lids missing, all that remained was the D rings still on the lock, some scrote had cut the strap.
          I report it to the plod, as the lid was very distinctive, dig out my spare & carry on.
          About a year later, I see a biker riding in to a hospital about 800 yds from where I lived & he's wearing my distinctive lid, I let him get the bike on the side stand & then I grab him, & warn him in no uncertain terms that the slightest resistance from him will result in a hiding, he complies & I frogmarch him to the nearest nick, where he is cautioned & I'm told it will be investigated, lol yeah right.
          A week later I'm told to collect my lid & no charges were being pressed, but that I should also consider myself lucky I wasn't charged with common assault for detaining & manhandling him.
          I tell the copper to stick my lid up his arse, it's had a noshed strap repair & may have been dropped numerous in the year it had been away from me, & that no self respecting biker would by a damaged a/h lid fro "the man in the pub".
          End of the day, the plod will only pursue a collar they can guarantee a win, anything else is a pita to them, so mark your kit in some way, that way at least you have a chance of its return, & if you have to slap someone, don't let there be witnesses or talk about on a public forum.


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            Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

            Originally posted by tackle View Post
            so mark your kit in some way, .
            *Quietly invests in an engraving kit* :D


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              Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

              Jesus...trump says he's going to destroy a country and he's a hero lols. I was typing a massive reply but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter, I'll do what I believe I have to do. Trmrs have serial numbers but it doesn't seem to deter thieves. I've just marked my two Vtg's with a soldering iron and will dremmel the new trmr.

              We're all different and handle situations in certain ways. Like I've said I'm no thug (don't have a criminal record) but never will stand for any b/s, there's too many white nights these days in my eyes.

              Though I am intrigued Lee as to what you believe Airsoft is? Maybe even start another thread? Because to me it's (in my neck of the woods anyway) a majority of grown men playing soldiers? I love it! Playing dress up and getting a bit of exercise to boot!

              In my line of work I get the piss ripped constantly but I know deep down they all want to play.

              Thanks for all the replies though gents I appreciate the comments, good or bad. At least there's something to read that isn't a for sale!

              Toodles for now

              Airsoft Batman (I wonder if I can get a patch made?)


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                Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?

                Originally posted by SlipperySquid View Post
                Trmrs have serial numbers
                Huh, so they do.

                Fancy letting us know the serial number on yours? How else could we avoid buying it?

                For the record, mine is S/N 3512.

                There are many like it, but this one is mine.


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                  Re: So my TRMR was stolen in game...anyone else had stuff nicked?


                  You asked and I have delivered.



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                    Somewhere out there in the world there's a TRMR + Tri shot base with my email address (my full name) engraved into it... didn't stop someone pocketing it. Sympathies.

                    Edit : Accidental necropost, apologies...! TRMR still out there, lol.


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                      If there was only 20players on site why didn’t the site owner order a kit check ? I’d be more than happy to have my kit searched (as would everyone I know in the sport) if anyone did object then rather narrows down the reason for a refusal ?
                      edit just seen the dates ! Doh ! But even with the time scale I think my point about the kit search is still valid .
                      PS , i have my name Engraved on all my grenades AND a photo of the serial No and me holding it on my phone .
                      From deepest darkest pagan Wales ! The steel wolves !


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