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  • ZI forum future ?

    When Zero disappeared, I for one along with many other regular forum members were saddened, Now that Zero is back, although still with gremlins in the system, my biggest gripe is the feedback system, which was a corner stone of the forum, still has not made a comeback, although we all hope this will happen soon, once the site get's sorted.
    Which really brings me to the point of my post, what exactly is happening behind the scenes..?
    I think it would help many members to know of any future plans ( if any) are in the pipeline for Zero, or is the return simply a temporary measure, although I can't think why this would be, as it serves no purpose.
    I appreciate that the work behind the scenes goes on without much thanks and the added costs to any business, of which most members here realise, but I honestly think a brief statement on the boards from Zero would be greatly appreciated by all here.