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Excessive charge on a repair

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  • Excessive charge on a repair

    Hi everyone,

    I have just had an invoice to change a Tappet Plate on a MP5 for £52, now I think thats overly expensive.

    I estimate a good tech could get the job done in under an hour and the part likely to be around £10, so am I right or is £52 about right for the job??
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    I've always seen Airsoft Teching as exploitative, I don't think the price is fair but it's not unusual.


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      If itís from a proper tech (not a does it on wknds at the site tech) then unfortunately no itís not really expensive, would have to allocate an hr to the job plus the part so if the part is a tenner then , when you consider a good carpenter will charge £60+ an hr then £42 for the hrs tech work isnít too bad .
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        I'd charge £30-£35 depending on the mp5 some take longer to split than others, it's normally £15 half an hour, Or part of and £25 for the hour plus parts, the gun needs to be tested, evaluated, chroned if it's working, then the job is done, it's tested again, chroned and sighted in

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          As most people have said, the parts might not cost that much but you have to factor in the labour time (disassembly, installation and testing etc.). I'd rather pay top dollar and have it done correctly than risk doing it myself and potentially making the problem worse.