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Specna Arms- does any one experience?

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  • Specna Arms- does any one experience?

    Hi guys,

    Im looking to grab the Specna Arms 416, its just for a casual gun as Im only playing the odd game here and there so I don't want to spend VFC/TM prices for a 416.

    Does anyone have experience with this manufacturer/these guns?

    Many thanks,

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    Hi mate, I did have the M16 with the fitted M203, and also the M4 model again with the M203. Honestly, I found them to be excellent for the money, the rifles came with a quick change spring system, the rifles had the trades, and out of the box, I have to say, they were more than acceptable. I did change the hop up rubber for a G&G one, but apart from that, that was it.
    They really reminded me of my older G&P models, with regard to outer trades and quality, and at a fraction of the price as well, although the G&P M120 motor was always a winner, but the price difference between the G&P and the spectna arms was a deal clincher for me.
    As for the VFC 416, again, a good model, VFC was always ahead in the outer looks department, I especially loved my 417's, however, internally, at least to me, they were nothing special.
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