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Secutor velites Sv spring shotgun upgrades

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  • Secutor velites Sv spring shotgun upgrades

    hi guys have just order one of these shotguns to try out but was wondering if there are any known upgrades or things that can improve the gun. How reliable are they etc? Havenít had a shotgun before so thought Iíd give one a try.

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    I am on my second shotgun. The have a habit of leaking at the stock. That's a easy fix new seal. The problem comes inside, there is not exploded diagram avaviable and not supplied when asked for.
    My first shotgun had a major fail inside and could not be fixed ( no spares avaviable and not compatable to TM )
    Why did I buy a second one well I had bought a few parts for the first I bought the adapter to take M4 mags I bought the shell holder for the side ( not needed anymore ) and I bought a valve to turn it to HPA ( don't do it they really can't take it ) and I bought a muzzle brake.
    My second shotgun cost £100 so with what I spent I thought I would give it a second chance.
    These shotguns cannot take a lot of abuse and I would not use anything more powerful than green gas.
    The spring guns not as many problems.
    Gas shotguns are ok but treat carefully


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