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Safariland airsoft use.

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  • Safariland airsoft use.

    Right. Hear goes.

    which airsoft model will fit in a safariland als light bearing holster?

    Id like a tm glock 17 am i right in thinking that the tm glock 17
    will not fit in the safariland glock 17 holster?

    will the airsoft tm glock 19 fit in the safariland glock 17 holster?

    or which safariland als holster will the tm glock 17 fit.


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    Using it for my KSC G19 - no dramas at all with the SFL 6354DO ALS
    AIRSOFT WEAPONS M4 (recoil)sigpic


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      I use a safariland 6354 DO and it fits all the TM glocks Iíve tried, mainly as most of the retention is round the light, but Iíve used a TM glock 17, 22 and just tried my 19, it fits fine. I have the model for the 17/22

      hope that helps a bit


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        this is the holster i am looking at. I havent got a glock yet but it is my next pistol i curently have a tm m&p9 just fancy a new pistol but want one that i can use a safariland with as im a gear w##re lol


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          Yup that will do the job


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            Cool. Are the umerex glocks anygood? And do they fit


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              Another question i saw a video on youtube the real steel m&p9 fits in that holster aswell as the glock 17. So my next question is have any of you tried the tm m&p9 in it?