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Looking for a team for skirmish South East Kent

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  • Looking for a team for skirmish South East Kent

    Hi ya
    wasn't sure what thread to put this in but oh well. Recently I've had a few mates that have given up airaoft and looking for a team or group to players to play skirmishes mainly. I'm located South East Kent and mainly play at mayhem airsoft but have played at ace combat/ apocalypse and imperium. If anyone knows of anything or is part of something please give me a message

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    Hi mate. Me and my friends play at mayhem and apocalypse, triple a and imperium. Your welcome to come along anytime


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      Cheers for the reply
      We may have played together in the past then as you go to mayhem haha, I was looking at going to apocalypse this Sunday, I've heard mixed things about it but the site looks amazing. What's your opinion


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        I was at apocalypse on Saturday. One of my favourite sites to be honest and itís really big too. I think a load of us are going to invicta on the 23rd


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          yeah that was another one i was looking at, i cant be going to far as i take all my gear on my back on my bike, gets painful after a while lol. but i would be interested in going on the 23rd. just had a look and its a little closer than ace combat


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