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Getting back in the game! Need some site recommendations!

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  • Getting back in the game! Need some site recommendations!

    Hey all,

    It's a bit of a long time since I last posted on here - In fact, so long all my old posts have gone!

    Long story short, I used to play every weekend from about 2007 - 2015 and then became an adult and started up a couple of businesses that consumed my weekends!
    Well, I've got my weekends back now and looking to get playing again.

    All the sites I used to play at have seemed to close down. So I'm in search of some new hunting grounds in the south. What sites are good? I'm Based in surrey so anything in the surrounding area would be perfect, although I'm happy to travel!
    I'm used to either type of site, woodland or urban but if I could pick I'd pick urban for a bit of CQB action.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I have been going to a brilliant woodland site in Eversley called Gunman Airsoft ( . Absolutely love it here, amazing site. The guys who run it are great and really know how to put on a good game. Couldn't recommend it enough. They have 3(?) sites I think. 2 are in Eversley. One huge one used for their casual milsim games 'filmsim' which are loads of fun, or a smaller site just down the road with a very intense Skirmish area.

    I have been going here for just over 2 years and I have not had a bad thing to say about the place. The onsite shop stall is a bit of a lifesaver too..

    idk anything about urban around here, usually a woodland player - hope this helps


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      ony one worth while to go to and that would be Dog Tag Holbush!4d-0.2447937
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