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Battery may have killed my vfc 417

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  • Battery may have killed my vfc 417

    So I bought a new 11. 1 lipo for my 417.
    Charged it correctly with a smart charger and connected it to my rif.
    About an hour later I came to use the riff and I got a really strong electrical smell, the grip was hot and when I disconnected the battery it and the wiring were hot too.
    What the hell happened?
    My gun is now completely dead.
    Any advice as to what may have happened and what the damage done may be would vfc e greatly appreciated

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    Probably burnt out your trigger contacts. You'll have to take the gearbox apart to get to the them and see if they are black. You may get away with wire brushing them clean to make them work again. If not, new trigger contacts.
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      Start simple and work your way up , may sound obvious but have you checked the fuse ?
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        The Contacts and trigger mech on the VFC 417 are particularly poor and dont handle high current well at all. I would suggest using a FET once you have fixed the main trigger mech and or contacts.


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          as sj_asc the VFC 417 has a V2.5 gearbox, they take all the internal parts of the V2 except for trigger which is mounted on the outside.


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