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Tm 416 inner barrel upgrade 407mm?

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  • Tm 416 inner barrel upgrade 407mm?

    Hi. I'm after your thoughts on this.
    Got TM 416 devgru currently shooting at 330-335fps. Current inner barrel is prommy eg 6.03 275.5mm.

    So I've put in an outer barrel about 6inches long. Plus a QD mock suppressor.

    Since I liked the new length of the airsoft I thought why not lengthen the inner as well.

    Now im planning to replace the 275.5mm with prommy 6.03 407mm. The inner won't stick out but will just be within the outer extension length.

    Will this set up suffer from anything? What are your thoughts?


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    you will need to change the cylinder to a 4/5 or full to re balance the volume between cylinder and inner barrel.

    Would also suggest you get yourself a M100 lonex spring.

    Lastly, have you modded the window on the inner barrel ? some are really shite. would recommend an ORGA Lex as the finish is good and pre flat hopped. just remember, new barrels need a good clean to.


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      Agree with Jason above. You definitely need to change the cylinder to either a Type B or even a full (non ported) Type A. The type B is the recommended one for your barrel length.

      I'd change the hop too to a Pommy purple one... it's an improvement over the standard Marui. They also sell a flat hop version which I haven't used. I run a firefly hop. It's very good IMHO.


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