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    I'm Dave from the NW of England and I'm pretty new to airsoft. I have been playing for nearly 2 months now after being introduced by a friend. After my first CQB I was hooked. I'm currently waiting for my UKARA.
    I don't own any airsoft weapons as of yet but I am hoping to build up some sort of kit over the next 12 months or so.
    joined this forum for hint, tips and to get more involved in what the airsoft world is about (so you might get a couple of stupid questions thrown your way).

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    Hello Dave welcome to the forum and to airsoft, how did you get into the sport in the first place

    LOOKING FOR: S&W N-frame holster
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      Hi mate.
      A guy at work has been asking me to go for quite a while but I've always said I would go but I just never got around to it - I work a lot you see. Finally got around to playing some indoor and I loved it. I needed a hobby and if I didn't like this I was going to try out deep water diving as I had snorkeled the GB reef and also off of Lucaya in the Bahamas and loved that (I know it's completely different contrasts). But soon as I tried airsoft I really enjoyed it. The wife hates the bruising that I get but she's learning that it's happening. The guys I go with have plenty of gear which they do lend me but I'm just looking to get into it without spending every penny I have haha so I'm buying bits that I know I need.
      I currently have:
      Kapmore goggles and face mask
      Mk2 Bulldog plate carrier.

      Looking at getting a gun as we speak with the help and suggestions from some of my friends; I'm sure that I am driving them crazy with links and questions. But they seem supportive. I'm 34 but I wish I started playing when I was 24 as I've missed out on something I hope can play for a long time.