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  • Afternoon Ladies and Gents

    Old forum member here, ive been out of the game for about 5 years due to health reasons but im looking to get back into it again.
    Im wondering if i can pick your brains?

    I used to run a pretty standard rifleman format, ICS M4A1 with a KJ works m9 as my side arm, it was a nice little set up for when i could "run and gun" but now my health is holding me back so im thinking of going into a designated marksman/ support role. ( plus ive recently wrecked the upper receiver of my M4 so i need a new gun too! if anybody has a ICS upper going cheap let me know!)

    Im thinking of going for a G&G M14 but the lure of GBB makes me think about the WE GBB M14.

    Just wondering if anybody could offer any advice on either option pros/cons etc or even an alternative DMR ( ideally not M4/M16? armalite base)

    Thanks in advance!

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    It's a bit dead here ,join UK airsoft community on Facebook and you will get loads of advice

    LOOKING FOR: S&W N-frame holster
    trader feedback