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TRMR tri shot bases are back in stock

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  • TRMR tri shot bases are back in stock

    Give the number of folk I've spoken with who are looking for them, I guess it counts as news that the TRMR .209 tri shot bases are in stock
    I have of course waited until I received mine before blabbing.
    Last edited by Fizzy; 13th December, 2017, 11:00. Reason: Retailers removed, naughty boy!

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    At long last. Been waiting on them coming in for awhile now. Excellent. Thank's for the headsup.


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      No problem. Now I can frag myself at 3x the rate!


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        Shame the base is sooo big, but glad I bought one saves time in game going from room to room
        Just because I don't post often doesn't mean I am not playing Airsoft


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          The extra length actually works out well for me. I keep mine in a 40mm pouch on my vest, and without the tri-shot base I had to stuff some foam under it to expose it. With the base it's the perfect size. It's also very nearly the price of 2 x Dynatex impacts, but with three bangs and the great twist-to-arm/safe design I reckon it's worth it.


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            No naming of other retailers please
            Originally posted by Nun-Chuck
            I'm down every games day at EAG buddy just give me a shout and I'll whip it out, can have a squeeze too if you like.
            Originally posted by deanfirst
            why not use zeroone's escort service?


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              Originally posted by Fizzy View Post
              No naming of other retailers please
              If Zero One stocked them, there would be no need to.

              Since they don't, that makes as much sense as stopping us from discussing where to buy a car or a washing machine.

              So, anyway. TRMR tri-shot bases are back in stock somewhere. Somewhere that's not Zero One. For the avoidance of doubt, that's Zero One, the shop that doesn't stock TRMRs or TRMR tri-shot bases.


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