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  • TM AUG collection

    Hello, here is my collection of Tokyo Marui Aug's.

    1. The top one...
    ​​​​​​... is fitted with shortened Phantom kit, providing two rail attachments for torches lasers, or a foregrips.

    ​​​​​​The phantom Kit slips over the outer barrel but you need to remove the flash hider. The kit reduces the overall length slightly which is advantageous when moving through bushes or cqb.

    The aeg is fitted with a Guarder SP100 spring, systema gears and a Madbull Black Python tightbore barrel. It chronos at 336fps.

    2. The middle one...
    ​​​​​​... Standard TM Aug externally.

    3.The bottom one...
    ​​​​​​... Higher Cycle version with custom tiger strip paint job, standard TM 509mm barrel and silencer to hide long inner barrel. Chronos at 275fps.

    Also have a 380mm tight bore barrel that I use for cqb on the High Cycle. This fits perfectly in the aeg without the need for a silencer, it finishes flush with the flash hider (not pictured). This chronos at 295fps.

    Thanks for looking.