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SWAT BFGs currently being made to order

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    Re: SWAT BFGs currently being made to order

    This thread does make some grim reading. I have a swat vtg and both the order and use was, is great. I do feel for you guys who have issues and I understand that it is frustrating when people aren't honest and open. To the original poster I hope you get an amicable resolution to the situation and can move on.
    As for swat I hope they come out of this with a better understanding and a greater empathy for customer feeling.
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      So, comedy development while the forums were down.

      A week or so after acknowledging by email that the order was cancelled (and threatening to withhold some unspecified amount), I got an email saying that it was being processed. Several days later, that it had been dispatched. About two weeks after ordering, and 10 days after cancelling, I received one SWAT VTG grenade.

      Since this can't possibly have any connection to the verifiably cancelled order, and was sent without any of the statutory information regarding returns, I can only assume it's a free gift to compensate me for the inconvenience.

      You could make this stuff up, but thanks to SWAT, you don't have to.


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        I've had a SWAT VTG for years and it's been amazing, up until the bullet valve fell out, apparently a very common problem as they clearly advertise the spares and acknowledge it's an issue. I attempted to contact them several times about trying to order a new valve, but didn't want to pay the 9 courier fees for something that can fit in an envelope. Nothing for months. Eventually needed a new grenade primer tool too so just made the order for the valve and primer tool. Got order confirmation, didn't hear anything for weeks, chased and chased. After a month I tried to cancel, no answer so I raised it with my bank and they got me a refund.

        Their grenade primer tool btw appears to be a thin screwdriver that they dremmelled out the head of. :/
        Next time my VTG breaks I'm simply replacing with a Dynatec or something more reliable.