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  • Tri AN/PRC 152

    Here is the overview of the TRI Triumph Instrument AN/PRC-152.
    Some of you might have seen these radios on @S23 Golf Mike 75's recent Instagram post.
    Right out of the box i was really impressed buy this radio.
    Previously i had been running a Motorolla XTN446, NEXUS amplied PTT and MSA Sordin's. I had been happy with that as a set up as it worked without issue and enabled to communicate with my team.
    The reason i was mainly attracted to the PRC152 is due to the fact you can run duel channels. The motorolla will stay on one channel until you change it. The 152 enables you to have a primary and secondary channel in play at the same time. This means what using the PMR 446 channels ( legal in the UK) you can have a primary channel that you can send and receive on. There is the option to lock this in. When you have a secondary channel in play it means that you can receive but not transmit to the other channel until you select it.
    Some of you might not think that the price tag warrants that advantage BUT.... if you go to milsim events or other large events like Ai500, it means you can communicate with your team easily, but also receive orders from the commander.
    A big advantage in my opinion.
    As a side note, the 152 allows you to listen to FM channels. Picture it, you are storming a building while listen to rock fm!
    If you receive comms over the net while listening to the radio, the 152 will flick back automatically for you to hear what your team mates are saying. There is then a break of circa 5 seconds, if that is the end of the message, the 152 will then switch back to whatever tunes you were listening too !
    Now, there are only two real negatives to this set up that i have found so far. The first is that the guide you get in the box is next to useless to program the 152. There are multiple youtube videos but again, they skip steps thus aren't that helpful. If you are looking at getting one of these radios, Airsoft International have recently published a programming guide which is on point and well worth picking up.
    The other negative is real steel headsets. For those who run high end gear, you will most likely have real steel headsets. The 152 is made for civi channels ( i would assume as a replica) so there is an impedance issue between the real steel kit and the radio. As such, i bought myself some Tri Comtac 3's to stop this. As they are replicas, there is a difference to the $600 real set but they will do and are worth the price. Alternatively there is a site where you can get a 152 that has been modded to get rid of the impedance a larger cost.
    Just a point about shipping, I have paid circa 15 for shipping via DHL express, once it is in the system in HK, two days later the items have been in my hands, no complaints there !
    To conclude, not only does the 152 look the business and will finish off the gucci look you are going for, it actually works...and works well!

    any questions, just ask me

    TRI AN/PRC 152 Radio package

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