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KWA Tokarev TT-33 Review

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  • KWA Tokarev TT-33 Review

    Hey guys,

    Today a Russian friend of mine (under the name of Dracosin on this forum) recieved his KWA TT-33 from America costing him in the region of 160 with shipping. Unfortunately due to leaving the country for the summer it's ended up in my hands for safe keeping so I thought I may as well do a quick review of this brand new release.

    In the box you get:

    TT-33 10 round magazine
    KWA hop adjustment wrench
    KWA gun oil dropper (I'd recommend using ordinary silicone lube on arrival over this oil)
    Manual and warranty
    KWA car sticker
    some 0.25 gram bbs

    First Impressions:

    Unfortunately as the gun came from america it has an orange tip this has been coloured for this review but will later be boiled off as it additional to the original barrel.

    If you buy one it'll look like this upon arrival:

    Taking the gun out of the box the first thing I noticed was the finish, although I was immediately put off by the inaccuracy of the flat black finish upon closer inspection I noticed that it had been applied very poorly on the bottom with blotches from where to much paint had been applied and then dried unevenly.

    The pistol sports few markings much like the original with only a serial number and kwa engraved on the frame, the slide has a star and 1941 engraved into the top of the slide near the rear sight

    The grips also feel like they are made of a cheap plastic (much like the real TT-33 grips) but are more than sturdy enough for constant use.

    Size wise I'd imagine its very much like a 1911 but with a grip so slim that it rivals that of a luger. It is decently comfortable to hold single handed, with tall sights aiding target acquisition no end although they are not adjustable for range or windage etc. The pistol is a decent weight when loaded and clocks in around 800 grams.

    Shooting and performance:

    As I went to do the shooting test I noticed that the trigger was incredibly loose with a lot of play up and down (see pictures), I have no idea if this is how the original was but it is very odd indeed although it has no real effect on shooting once you've gotten used to it.

    Anyway onto shooting!

    Using 0.2 gram bbs and ultra gas the TT-33 clocked an average of 340 fps

    The magazine holds ten shots (despite kwa claiming 11 in all paperwork and advertising) and is gas efficient enough to empty the magazine 2-3 times with a single charge of ultra gas

    At ten metres the TT-33 put all ten shots into 9.5 cm spread around the centre point of the target as it is brand new the hop up is yet to properly bed in so I can imagine that with a few more rounds through it the KWA TT-33 would be fantastically accurate. Please note that true to the original design there is no safety on this pistol!

    Stripping and hop adjustment:

    Much like the KWA 1911 to access the hop unit you retract the slide and engage the lock, you can then use the wrench supplied to turn the hop up up or down (anti clockwise for more hop, clockwise for less)

    To strip the TT-33 remove the magazine and turn the pistol over to the same side as the ejection port

    Push the retaining plate toward the hammer end of the gun until it disengages itself from the pin nearest the muzzle

    You can now pull the slide catch out of the gun

    You may now pull the slide off the muzzle end of the frame, slide internal disassembly is much the same as a 1911

    To reassemble reverse the above steps.

    Conclusion and other bits

    Overall the KWA TT-33 is an excellent pistol, without doubt better than any of the ww2 pistols I own, the performance is excellent with high accuracy and fps. The blowbakc is also wonderfully crisp and allows you to fire the gun as fast as you can pull the trigger.

    On the negative side the finish really lets the pistol down although it may improve as this is from the very first batch.

    Using the rating system borrowed from
    Weight : 800g
    Realism : 60%
    Quality : 85%
    Power : 100%
    Accuracy : 90%

    Chances are when this comes to UK vendors I'll look at getting one, heres to hoping it does well enough for KWA to release a WW2 classics line :D

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    Re: KWA Tokarev TT-33 Review

    Cool man. Always wanted an TT33. Since I started airsoft 10+ years ago. Thanks for a brilliant review. I'm a fan of the just pistols site to. I wish that place was still doing reviews. I may get a Mosin Nagant and this pistol and do a Russian WW2 soldier theme. Right after I've fixed my WE L85A2.
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      Re: KWA Tokarev TT-33 Review

      Looks great! There is a SRC TT33 airsoft pistol available in the uk already for 169 from a Russian outdoor and military retailer.
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