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ASG EVO Scorpion BET Review

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  • ASG EVO Scorpion BET Review

    Hi all,

    So yesterday I had my very first skirmish with my new Evo BET. My main gun, which I have used for around 12 years has been my trusty TM M14 Socom. The M14 is getting a bit too heavy for me and I think the gearbox/parts are starting to wear out making it unreliable.

    I knew I had to replace the gun or get a cheapo backup so I started looking around and started seeing a lot of good things on the ASG Evo, which seemed to be one of the best stock guns you could get… perfect! At a skirmish I briefly handled the SMG version, but wasn’t blown away with it as imo the aesthetics seem a bit strange as the gun is super chunky but the front bit was too stubby and just looked odd. I decided to get myself a carbine version as it looks more main-gun to me.

    After a lot of searching I managed to get myself a nearly-new Evo 2018 BET for the very cheap price of £250, which included 4 low caps.

    After the first skirmish my impressions are as follows.

    The good!
    • The gun seemed to perform very well and I got off some amazingly accurate shots off at range. Really surprised me and the opponent!

    • The high-cap works great and although looks strange, the ergonomic nature makes it quite comfortable

    • I love the stock, seems pretty solid and it holds in place very well when I fold it in. Coming from a M14 I found the folding stock just incredible when I got up close to a barricade and needed to pop in/out to take shots off. Great!

    • The quick change spring was the envy of many fellow skirmishers that I spoke to. For me it’s nice but once I changed the spring to a M100 I doubt I’ll ever have to use it again.

    • The burst fire was fun and I appreciated it being there but it was perhaps more of a novelty as I didn’t end up using it much as a quick burst on the auto did the job just fine.

    The not so good!

    • The battery… man, I really hate this bit. I am using the 9.9v LIFE batteries, which are huge and so so difficult to fit within the gun. After a lot of trial and error I had to tape up the batteries to stop them from snagging on the bolt cover, which happened a lot and once at home I had to disassemble the gun to extract the battery. I am very worried of this happening in the field! A possibility is to get myself a huge PDQ box to house the batteries, but I think this may just end up making the gun look awful. The batteries come as 1000mah and at around lunchtime they clocked in as 25% charge. Luckily I bought two!

    • The gun is not as light as I thought it would be and is perhaps a bit too front heavy. Still lighter than my M14 though..

    • The low-caps are just far too low, and it’s pretty annoying that its either these or the strange looking high-cap.

    • I had a bit of trouble with the fire selector. It seems that there are settings in-between safe/1/3/auto, which don’t do anything. I would had hoped the gun would be more like a mp5 when there is absolutely no question as to which setting you are on.

    • The high-caps I found on multiple occasions that when I took the magazine out the gun the magazine just sprayed perhaps 20bbs all over the place. Maybe it’s my technique.. I don’t know.

    • The sights that came with the gun looked really good on first impression, but practically during the game I found them too low to use with my mask and eyepro. Also when I did squish my face down into the stock to use them, the bright orange front sight often completely obscured the target.

    • The gun has quite a few sharp edges on it, for example the trigger guard is particularly painful.

    • The hop unit is incredibly annoying . I hate how you have to use a tool to turn it, which just isn’t practical in the field.

    Conclusion 8/10

    I love this gun and I think it going to be a worthy successor to my trusty M14. It shot straight and didn’t let me down.

    The gun is really quite long and was longer or rivalled my friends M4 rifles and I think in hindsight maybe I should had gone for the SMG version.

    I am looking to buy the regular carbine barrel and maybe.. maaaaaybe buy the front end/barrel etc for the SMG version so I can change it up every now and then but these parts seem hard to come by and are expensive.

    I may give up on the low caps, which seem too low capacity for me. I might just buy myself a second high-cap and leave it as that.

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    Nice review ,I bought one of the first smg's when they came out ,after destroying the gears and piston and burning out the mosfet, all have been replaced/ upgraded by myself including the speed trigger I ended buying a bet front end, which gives the overall length the same as an smg with an integrated tracer silencer (the original bet is longer). The hop unit can be adjusted in the field using a twig ,there are spare adjusters you can buy to replace the fiddly little one that comes as standard....tbc

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      I have always used the asg 11.1 lipo battery it's a tight fit but I can now get it in relatively easily and it lasts the whole day ,my biggest bug bear is the selector switch,it's pretty poor tbh ,I can't go from safe to semi to full with any confidence, I have to go to full auto first and click back to semi ,and even then I'm not certain what I have selected ,there are two springs that need resetting on occasion to get it crisper

      LOOKING FOR: S&W N-frame holster
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        And the right sided selector switch got in the way of my index finger so it would brush against it and switch from semi to full auto or safe, which was really annoying to the point that I cut it down,nowadays you can buy blanks to replace it, and finally my stock catch snapped when I dropped my gun three foot into soft earth, which was unfortunate

        LOOKING FOR: S&W N-frame holster
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          The right sided selection wasn't a problem for me. Im not so sure on that 11.1v battery as I have heard it is no good for the long term health of the gun. I have a M100 spring that shoots at 350fps and I think that the higher voltage is more for USA who run at a higher fps. Can I ask how you managed to burn out your original mofset?


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