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  • Cheapo Spas-12!

    There is a Springer Spas 12 made by HFC and my mate has one. Its OK but not the best, he said he wanted a shotgun so I recommended the Tri shots. He said he would get one then he called me 2 days later saying that his gun arrived and un-boxed it and I said "this isn't a tri shot? There must have been a mix up!" He said "nope this is what I got, I liked the look of it" so I went along the magazine (Its a single shot) is at the front of the pump its hard to explain. I want to know (he wouldn't let me shoot it) should I get this or a Tri shot? The magazine holds 45 bbs quite a bit for a shotgun!

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    Re: Cheapo Spas-12!

    get a trishot (doesnt matter what make or model, internally they are all identical exept the TM ones which are slightly better), in terms of playability they are superior to ANY other springer shotgun
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