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    Re: LMG tactics

    Lots of good advice here - Not sure if I've missed it but I'd also say if possible try to team up with some other support chaps in your group. Nothing better if your assaulting a position if you have a few chaps turn up with support aegs. I use a PKM and there were two of us plus a M60 in s small group defending a small building and it was a blast! when you get a cheer from the opposition when you're eventually hit it does bring a smile to the face :-D
    We run a 3 second max burst rule with a second between trigger pulls and that suits nicely


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      Re: LMG tactics

      Not sure if this is any help but there was guy on the other team at a milsim event I was at, his M249 was very loud, every time he fired everybody ducked. It seemed very effective at keeping people down as you didn't know who he was firing at but you knew he was firing, plus it sounded awesome.


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        Re: LMG tactics

        i've been interested in this for a while but the weight has always put me off; i think the full metal stuff look smashing but i just couldn't imagine carrying it round. Whats on offer in terms of a decent polymer body lmg?


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          Re: LMG tactics

          Get a Stoner - I know someone who's got one and they're amazing! Feels like a SLR on steroids and you can happily run around with it
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            Re: LMG tactics

            Someone has mentioned "Don't have your barrel poking out too far".

            I've often had a situation where the best, or only place I can rest my gun in position is over the cover (eg on a wall, through a pillbox window etc).

            In the case of the pillbox, there's nothing to rest the gun on inside so I have to 'poke it out' .

            What do people do in this situation? (Most) Support weapons are too heavy to just hold up to the window.
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              Re: LMG tactics

              I just rest the barrel on the edge of the cover. The argument for not having the barrel sticking out too far only really applies when you're in a bush or behind a tree or prone behind cover, with the weapon deployed beside, rather than over the cover. I try not to shoot over cover as best I can, since it's what people tend to look for. It's not that often you see someone lying down beside a barricade shooting at you, most will shoot over it


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                Re: LMG tactics

                There's some good points raised here. I'm not a support gunner but was in the army using both the Minimi and GPMG. Not having your barrel protruding from a window or cover isn't just a sniper trick though, it is method that everyone, no matter what weapon you are using, should be utilising as it conceals your position better, especially from those who are flanking. If you can't hold the weight of your support weapon, then you'll have no choice but to use the support options available. If it's the window ledge then so be it, I've had to do it many times in real life and in airsoft and sometimes needs must. Better to get the rounds down range and keep the enemy's heads down than sit and waste time trying to think of a way to support yourself.

                Not sure if this has been mentioned, and I don't know how well it would work in airsoft, but a good tactic if there is more than one gunner in a team is to alternate your fire. Me and my oppo gunner would alternate our bursts so all the enemy hear is a constant rattling of gunfire. Now airsoft is a lot more quiet that real steel so this might only be feasible if two or more gunners are next to each other but it allows you to be more effective, especially when both suppressing the same area.


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                  Re: LMG tactics

                  When defending, dig in nice and deep, be generous with your trigger-pulling and keep up accurate and sustained fire from range and from an easily defensible and preferably concealed position. Much the same as when sniping.

                  A couple of months ago at Blue Streak, 2 snipers (one of which was me) and 2 LMGners with the help of one guy with an M4 spotting and calling out targets and providing fire for when the enemy breached our MEDs (which wasn't often) we were able to hold off the entire attacking force (of approximately 60 players) from 3 sides for so long that they called an end to the game so we could all go to lunch. They had regen at a fixed point and we had 1 medic life and that was it. It was supposed to be a short game :D

                  But yeah, treat yourself as a sniper but use much, much, much, much more ammo! And make sure you have a pistol, and preferably at least one buddy with a more manoeuvrable weapon to spot and call out targets and provide cover. As with sniping, being a LMGner works best when you have someone sat next to you with an extra set of eyes and an assault rifle!

                  When attacking, similar concepts apply. The two key differences are:
                  - Use even more ammo. Keep peoples' heads down while your team advances. No heads up means no effective fire means your attack doesn't stall or get bogged down
                  - Move up when appropriate! Don't get left behind. Keep moving at the same rate your team is advancing.

                  Lastly, please be very aware of light hits on yourself. Wielding a support weapon makes you a priority target for snipers at extreme range where the hit will be hard to feel and your gearbox will be making a lot of noise, so do take extra care to make sure you're aware when you get hit as it can be very frustrating for snipers
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                    Re: LMG tactics

                    Step one..load gun and check it works.

                    step two, find bad guys

                    step three, run towards them firing shouting "Die peasant!! "
                    -'Sly villain! Thou does not acknowledge thine hits!'
                    -'I doth so, yonder vagabond, but thouest has the control of a nunnery whore, and thine accuracy doth compare to thine codpiece, short of the mark!'


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                      Originally posted by the_monkey View Post
                      Re: LMG tactics

                      See I diasgree with this lets make an lmg innacurate... personally id say make it as accurate as any aeg and move the gun for the cone..I mean we are only shhoting 50 ish..
                      I concur. If a gun has that much fire power it would be even deadlier as an assault weapon.


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                        Holy necropost Batman!
                        Originally posted by Nun-Chuck
                        I'm down every games day at EAG buddy just give me a shout and I'll whip it out, can have a squeeze too if you like.
                        Originally posted by deanfirst
                        why not use zeroone's escort service?


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                          Now this is what I'm talking about! This is almost a how to tutorial for shredding.


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                            Was impressed by his trigger discipline (nice short controlled bursts) but F**k me haven't any of them heard about keeping your voice down when attacking the enemy ! Talk about giving your position away ! AND shouting out instructions !
                            just lucky really most Murcan S’ofters don’t pay attention !
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