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Kart M14 Socom : Stuck on Full Auto

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  • Kart M14 Socom : Stuck on Full Auto

    Hi All,

    As the title suggests I've got a Kart M14 socom stuck on full auto. I got as far as disassembling it as I could confidently could but was unable to diagnose the problem.

    Internally I *think* it's the same as a CYMA which I *think* is what's shown here

    The selector moves as does all the other parts, if I had to guess I might think that the riser on the plastic part you can see in the cut-out has broken or worn. If semi auto has that arm in an up position then the plastic riser will catch on the arm and be prevented from moving any further backwards.

    Does this seem like a reasonable guess ?


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    Re: Kart M14 Socom : Stuck on Full Auto

    While the CYMA and Kart look the same they are not and most of the parts WILL NOT interchange
    The most common cause of problems with the M14 is due to ware on the lobe of the Cut-off lever that is in contact with the cam on the sector gear
    If that is your problem then you will need a Kart cut-off lever as a CYMA lever will not work without some modification


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      Re: Kart M14 Socom : Stuck on Full Auto

      Cheers Lee,

      Wish I had seen this before trying. Got a steel cutoff lever and did have to resort to a bit of hackery to make it fit. Despite this it's still only shooting full auto and cracking open the gearbox is well beyond my ability.

      Might just try and find a single shot mosfet.



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