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Dboys SCAR-H firing problems

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  • Dboys SCAR-H firing problems

    I pulled apart my Dboys SCAR-H the other day and replaced a few parts.

    I replaced the bucking with a 70 degree Lonex, barrel with a Guarder 6.02, the piston with a SHS 14 steel teeth piston, an airsoft pro Scar H nozzle, KA gear set (with delayer) and some new bearings... Upon reassembling, when I fire it the bb's are either dropping after a few feet or not firing at all.

    Compression the Gearbox is solid, so sure that the issue lies with the hop/nozzle somehow...

    However, I'm not really sure what the problem could be, Has anyone had a similar issue?

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    sounds like no air pressure empty the gun take out mag put finger over barrel and pull the trigger if it does not push your finger of the pistons not sealed properly but does sound like pressure problem


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