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High ROF AEG double feeding

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  • High ROF AEG double feeding

    Hi all. Firstly, apologies for the username. I havent been on here for a fair few years!

    Coming back to airsoft I have decided my CM16 that has been sat on the shelf for many years is due for an upgrade.

    Upgrades so far -
    shs high torque motor
    shs 12:1 gears
    sector delay chip
    8mm bearings
    element steel tooth piston
    double o ring cylinder head
    O ring air nozzle
    basic mosfet

    Problem- I was running a 9.6 nimh which the gun runs fine with but the aim is to upgrade to an 11.1 lipo. I tried one of my friends lipos and this is where I could see problems .

    On single shot, the gearbox appears to do 1.5 cycles per trigger pull.

    On full auto, which appears to be roughly 30 rps, every few shots I get a double feed of two low powered bb's and the accuracy of it all is terrible.

    I have a few ideas with what might be wrong but I am unsure. I first thought that I was firing a bb before the other had left that barrel. After doing some maths I realise I was very wrong.

    My next thought is that the tappet isn't returning fast enough and is pushing two bb's down the barrel before the air nozzle re engages.

    The hop unit is all standard and the whole system operates fine at a lower rps but my aim is to be running with a high rps on an 11.1v.

    I plan to put an ab mosfet on which should deal with the 1.5 semi cycles but I'm lost with the double feeding. Everywhere I look says the hop is the issue but the only variable in this is the battery and thus the rate of fire.

    thanks in advance

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    To help to narrow it down a little, does the occasional poor fps still occur when the mag is half full or less assuming you are using low-caps.


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      Only ran it on high caps but problem exist when it is only wound a bit, when it is half wound and when it is wound to the click. The shots just seem to be wild in full auto . Consistency just goes out the window and then the double feed drops probably 20 feet in front of me ( as if I had my hop turned upside down )