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TM Recoil U shaped hop spacer

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  • TM Recoil U shaped hop spacer

    Had a bit of trouble refitting my upper when I realised the Us spacer was making it impossible to close the gap as it was wedged between the gap thew two holes for the pin goes through. In the end it just snapped off. In my relief the receivers now close fine but now the mags dont lock into place as the spacer is wedged into the magwell a little.

    My question is is the spacer nessisary? After taking it out completely I closed and locked the receivers without it and the hop is still perfectly in place and seems locked into position. Mags feed although not tested it out for a long period of time. Just dont want to do any damage if it is there for a reason. I once heard someone say those spacers never used to be in older models so I'm guessing it's new for the recoil units? Maybe just to keep the hop from moving out of line under the recoil?

    Could do with a peice if mind if anyone can confirm that
    1. I definitely broke something I shouldn't have and need get it replaced.

    2. Doesn't really make much difference it's just there to guide the hop into place or what not and can do without

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    Found out it's not necessary


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