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Marushin G21 - Fixed

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  • Marushin G21 - Fixed

    A while back the ‘shoved shell hook’ for my Marushin G21 shell ejecting model broke. Specifically the little nun at the end which acts as the ejector snapped off meaning shells no longer ejected!

    Given the gun is pretty rare nowadays and hasn’t been in production for over 10 years (?) finding a gun for parts, the part itself or the RA Tech aftermarket upgrade proved impossible.

    so I did what everyone does nowadays, I modelled it on the computer and had it 3D Printed!

    With a little sanding to smooth off and trim down the side/bottom and a little drilling to open up the holes for the screws the part works PERFECTLY!

    No idea the lifespan of the part (it’s made from a carbon fibre type plastic with a little flex so may be better than the original?!) but I had to order 15 to hit the minimum spend total meaning I have lots of spares!

    So if anyone stumbles across this post when their own G21 shell hook breaks DM me and we can see if I might be able to help you get your gun running again too.

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