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Custom L96 Slam Firing Etc. - Yay, another L96 thread /o/

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  • Custom L96 Slam Firing Etc. - Yay, another L96 thread /o/

    Hey guys. So I've stripped out my old Mauser L96 and basically refitted the whole thing par the bolt assembly and cylinder block. I'm replacing the trigger box, barrel, cylinder, spring, piston/guide, inner-barrel, hop-up; the works.

    Anyway, right now I'm working on the main assembly and I've run into a problem.

    First of all can I say that when it comes to sniper rifles I'm a total noob. I've worked on AEG builds but I figured I'd start out with something I thought would be quite easy as L96 modifications are quite well documented and it's easy to get parts.

    So I've assembled the whole thing with new parts and there's an issue; I draw back the bolt and it cocks, then I can fire it (it's quite loud but I'm not sure if this is usual) after that it won't re-cock at all. So to summarise, I think I can fire the first shot (not actually got a barrel on the thing yet), but nothing after that.

    I would also like to point out that due to various reasons, I did have to disassemble the trigger box - this could be a problem, but I've honestly tried 3-4 different ways of arranging the trigger sear/springs inside it and all have accieved the same result.

    I've looked the whole thing over and I'm stumped. Maybe you guys can shed some light on this.

    Here are some photo albums:

    I'm using:
    - AirsoftPro cylinder
    - AirsoftPro piston
    - M150 spring
    - Ball-bearing spring guide
    - Original cylinder head
    - AirsoftPro trigger box/sear/locking pin
    - Original bolt handle etc. (all the pins are there, don't worry)

    Thank you very much for any help! :D

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    Re: Custom L96 Slam Firing Etc. - Yay, another L96 thread /o/

    In the picture the sear isn't back at the upright position. Maybe that's the fault. I don't know that trigger mech though. Maybe a little spring is the wrong way round or something.
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      Re: Custom L96 Slam Firing Etc. - Yay, another L96 thread /o/

      I think this has been resolved, as the trigger had been dismantled it was just a matter of getting the piston sear springs fitted correctly.


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