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ASG/Warrior L96 Bolt Not Locking Back, Experts Needed

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  • ASG/Warrior L96 Bolt Not Locking Back, Experts Needed

    I recently dissembled my ASG L96 and followed a video exactly taking out the piston, spring guide and spring out of the cylinder.

    When I put it all back together it worked for the first shot, then on the second I pulled the bolt back again which was much stiffer than normal and did not lock back in position when pulled out as it should do. It just shoots back into the receiver

    Therefore it's not firing I don't know if it's the cylinder, mech box or a simple mistake.

    Here is a video of what I mean:

    Here is a picture of the cylinder:

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    Re: ASG/Warrior L96 Bolt Not Locking Back, Experts Needed

    Your piston and/or sear is worn.
    The asg .308. is a hybrid and not true to the usual MB-01 design.

    Despite the cylinder having the same dimensions as a warrior mb-01 (aps2 type96) asg have opted for a vsr style design using the 45 degree style piston and sears.

    At present, if you wish to keep there same design then you'll be out of luck.

    However, you can replace the piston with a standard 90 degree version but you'll also need to replace the trigger.

    Also different from the MB-01 is the hop, it's unique so replacement levers don't fit but aftermarket upgrade hop units can be used.

    The cylinder is almost the same but for the section where the cocking lever slides onto.

    The end cap thread is different so you'll need different silencer attachments from the mb-01.


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