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    Hi guys,

    Recently bought a Snow Wolf M24 second hand and its terrible. To cut a long story short, I would like to upgrade it...

    I've read online that they are compatible with VSR and APS2 parts. Now, with me only just coming back into airsoft, and not knowing much about spring rifles, its all a bit confusing.

    Can somebody tell me exactly what I need to make it a decent performer please? I do understand that websites and specific names of retailers can't be disclosed but just any general direction would be great

    I've already stripped it down and this what I've got:

    And I know that this particular component is often upgraded etc, so any information would be greatly appreciated!

    Hope to hear from you!

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    Re: What will I need...

    You will need/it takes the following APS2 Type 96 parts I.e same as Warrior L96:

    Steel cylinder - stock one us weak and will will break.
    Steel piston sear
    Higher pressure piston
    Steel spring guide
    Spring of your choice depending on desirable fps.

    These are essentials however start with the hop. They are know to be shite so think about a new bucking, falcon do a good one.

    The hop levers are prone to moving on their own so consider a solution for this.


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