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JG Bar10 Spring Needed! Advice

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  • JG Bar10 Spring Needed! Advice

    I've made a cock-up and cut three rings off my spring to lower the FPS and help with the pullback of the bolt.

    However, by doing this I've loosened the compression from the spring guide to the spring guide stopper which means I can no longer cock my BAR10 properly.

    SO, I need a new spring (To be shooting appx 450FPS on 0.2g) which MUST be in stock in the UK for delivery on Saturday.

    I'm looking around at a VSR10 spring from PDI - but they are numbered with 310, 260 etc as opposed to their FPS rating. Can you guys tell me what sort of FPS I should be expecting from these springs?

    None of the Z1 springs are in stock - so they're no use on this occasion.

    PM is fine, I just need to have it sorted by Sunday!


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