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A&K SVD only 350fps??

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  • A&K SVD only 350fps??

    I've just got my hands on an A&K SVD, had it chrono'd at my local site before the game and was a bit surprised when it only read 350fps. Now im new to airsoft, but it seems to me that it has an air leak or something. Im just basically asking you guys how i would go about finding out what the problem is and what to do?
    Oh just for reference ive looked on a couple of places and these seem to shoot 450-500fps out of the box
    Also this is not a new gun, but it is not upgraded, the spring is also stock.

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    Re: A&K SVD only 350fps??

    How do you know the spring is stock?

    Word of mouth means nothing these days i'm afraid mate


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      Re: A&K SVD only 350fps??

      My guess somone under 18 owned it and couldn't use it at 500 fps so cut the spring or somthing
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        Re: A&K SVD only 350fps??

        ok cheers ill try getting a new spring, would i be right in saying an M140 would be the spring to use to give me around 480-500fps?


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          Re: A&K SVD only 350fps??

          Mine runs at 490-495fps on an M150. It would be worth your while upgrading various internals if you are going to run it at that sort of fps; I would certainly recommend upgrading the piston catch as the stock one is made of pot metal and wears very quickly. Some nice people in the Czech Republic do a fine range of upgrade parts.

          Mine has:
          Prometheus 6.03 inner barrel
          AirsoftPro hop
          AirsoftPro piston
          AirsoftPro centre ring
          AirsoftPro outer barrel housing
          AirsoftPro piston catch
          AirsoftPro cylinder head
          AirsoftPro extended cocking handle


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            Re: A&K SVD only 350fps??

            I just looked on their website, it looks like they do some good stuff, and at a reasonable price. Not sure how much postage would be though?? Whats the quality and performance like?


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              Re: A&K SVD only 350fps??

              I don't remember how much postage was, but it was very reasonable; delivery was very fast.

              Ther quality of their parts is really good and they are well designed. The outer barrel housing is very important as the stock one is not guaranteed to hold the barrel absolutely straight and rigid. One of the great things about the A&K SVD is that it is very easy to work on. Upgrading has made a real difference to the performance.


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