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VSR-10 Pro Barrel Spacers

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  • VSR-10 Pro Barrel Spacers

    Hi guys,

    So generally, I've steered clear of Pro type outer barrels due to the fact that they make it much harder to create barrel spacers for (as most you can purchase for the Pro don't really do very much and can be a challenge to keep in the correct place).

    In the past, I've bought G-Spec barrel spacers and one by one sanded them down, starting from the smallest side, sanding less and less as I get to the side larger in diameter. I'd just jam each one in, and slide the barrel assembly in afterwards. This has worked alright, but was extremely time consuming and sometimes they wouldn't "jam" in there quite as well as I would have liked, especially as they weren't tapered like the barrel is.

    I'm currently thinking of having some manufactured; a tapered, one piece nylon (possibly silicon) barrel spacer that would run most of the length of the barrel.

    I was wondering if anyone has managed to come up with anything better? Does anyone think it would be possible to melt some kind of plastic into the barrel and drill the middle out afterwards, or possibly leave an inner barrel in there that is centralized so no drilling is necessary? I'm just trying to get some kind of brain storming going here. Whatever idea I come up with there seems to be at least some small fault.


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